The Learning Agreement you will sign when registering for class acknowledges the student/diver's responsibilities for their upcoming event.  All divers are required to have registration forms, waivers, and medical information forms on file prior to attending.



Practice pool sessions are 3 hours of time supervised by a Dive & Glide Scuba diving professional.  All participants are expected to bring their own snorkeling or diving gear for the session.  Tanks will be provided upon request at no extra charge if needed, but need to be reserved ahead of time.  WHEN ATTENDING A POOL SESSION, IF A SCUBA CLASS IS IN SESSION AT THE SAME TIME AS YOUR POOL SESSION, PLEASE DO NOT INTERRUPT THE INSTRUCTOR TEACHING THE COURSE.  IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE, OTHER DIVING PROFESSIONALS WILL BE PRESENT TO ASSIST YOU.



Diver training courses are meant to be fun, but, like any form of learning, you will need to invest some time and effort in reading and studying. This Learning Agreement is between you, the student, and Dive & Glide Scuba instructional staff, and covers our mutual responsibilities in this program.


The student agrees to study independently as specified by the instructor.  In general, this means that before each class session, the student will:

         1. Watch the appropriate assigned portion(s) of the course video(s). 
         2. Read the appropriate assigned section(s) of the course manual(s), and complete the exercise questions within. 
         3. Complete the appropriate Knowledge Review(s) to be handed in at the start of class each day.

In addition, the student agrees to:

         1. Follow all course procedures as set forth by the instructor.
         2. Ask questions about any class-related items not understood.
         3. Show up for all sessions on time and prepared.
         4. Review their online account for accuracy, and upload a HEADSHOT PHOTO on their account for their certification card.
             Certifications will not be processed for students who do not have a photo on their account.  Photo must be "passport-style" photo.

If the student arrives at class but has failed to complete and turn in assigned work, or if the student fails to arrive on time, it may be necessary to make up the work and continue the class at a later date. The student will be responsible for any additional costs and/or inconvenience this may cause. In scheduling and determining additional costs, Dive & Glide Scuba will give every reasonable consideration to unforeseen events, such as family emergencies, that led to this situation.


The course instructor(s) and staff agree to:

         1. Be ready to begin the course as scheduled.
         2. Provide a positive learning environment in which to master the course objectives.
         3. Answer the students' questions to the best of their ability.
         4. Assist the student through learning challenges.

If the student completes all course work as assigned, arrives for class promptly, and otherwise follows directions for learning as given by the instructor(s), Dive & Glide scuba will accept responsibility for reasonable learning challenges. Course objectives must be met before certification before the student is certified, but in this situation, Dive & Glide Scuba will schedule any necessary training sessions, at no additional charge to the student, until either (A) the student masters the course objectives, or, (B) the student voluntarily withdraws.


         1. Your non-refundable deposit reserves your place in a certification course. 
         2. Most course deposits are $100 or are as described in the course description.
         3. The balance of the course fee is due before any certification card is issued.
         4. Our policy on drugs and alcohol is simple - ZERO TOLERANCE.
         5. Candidates are expected to furnish equipment for use during the program as indicated in the course description.
         6. Rental equipment is available upon request at a special student rate for currently enrolled students in good standing.
         7. Course books, education supplies, fees, travel expenses, etc, if any, are not included in your course fee. 
         8. Courses canceled in their entirety by Dive & Glide Scuba are fully refundable.
         9. Students may request a full refund and drop from a course within 48 hours of enrollment.
        10. After 48 hours, students dropping a course forfeit their non-refundable deposit.
        11. eLearning fees are non-refundable if course has been activated, regardless of whether or not the student has completed any portion of eLearning.
        12. Credit card fees incurred by Dive & Glide Scuba on course fees are non-refundable.