NAUI, SSI, SEI Instructor, and Service Technician

Keith has been a certified scuba instructor since 1989, and the co-owner of Dive & Glide Scuba since it opened in 1997.  He is affiliated with the National Association of Underwater Instructors, Scuba Schools International, and Scuba Educators International.

He has logged thousands of dives and has trained a multitude of divers.  Keith has a passion for teaching people of all ages to dive. He's had the pleasure of training several generations of some families.  Parents and grandparents return to Dive & Glide Scuba to enroll their children and grandchildren in his classes as they become old enough to dive because of his teaching skill and the atmosphere within his classes.  He has a knack for making students feel safe and comfortable under his guidance, regardless of age or abilities.

Keith truly enjoys traveling as well.  Each year he plans an October trip to celebrate his birthday with diving friends.  Many of his students, after becoming certified divers, chose to spend their vacations traveling with him for the excitement of the dives and the comradery found on his excursions.  He now plans at least five trips a year, to places such as Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, Bonaire, the Bay Islands, Bimini, and more.  His trips aren't just for already certified divers either!  If you're interested in earning your scuba certification, but not so much in cold water, join him on a trip to complete your open-water dives in warm water!

Keith's scuba knowledge extends way beyond the classroom and water.  There is likely not a piece of scuba gear made with which he is unfamiliar.  In addition to holding dual certifications as an instructor, Keith holds many certifications for dive gear service.  If you are in the market for new equipment, he is truly a valuable asset to you in your search for the perfect dive gear.




NAUI Diver & Travel Planner

Angie has been a diver since 1994, and co-owner of Dive & Glide since it opened in 1997.  She was thrilled to join Keith on the adventure of a lifetime - owning a dive shop.  Having spent many years working in the legal and construction world straight out of college, the change to a profession that brings daily joy was a welcome change.

In addition to diving, Angie loves to travel, so becoming a travel planner was an easy decision.  All Dive & Glide Scuba's group dive trips are planned by her.  In addition to visiting amazing diving destinations, she loves to road-trip with her family all over the United States.  

Angie also co-owns with her husband, Andy, the gift shop (Great Gifts Arts Antiques & Handmades) next door to Dive & Glide Scuba that provides a venue for local artists and crafters to sell their handmade works year-round.  And, when time allows, she pops over to U.S. Coney & Cone on the other side of Dive & Glide Scuba to help out Andy and her son, Nathan, running the restaurant, serving ice cream, coney dogs, and some of Midland's best burgers!




TDI/SDI & SSI Instructor

Tim has been diving for many years and enjoys his time with Dive & Glide Scuba as a recreational and tech diving instructor, as well as working as sales staff within the shop.  His diving travels have taken him around the world and he has a vast knowledge of diving information and experience to share.

Diving classes with Tim will take you to Gilboa Quarry in Ohio to complete your certification.  And, personalized classes are Tim's forte. So if you're looking for a customized schedule to meet your needs or prefer one-on-one instructor time, let us know you would like to train with Tim.  He'd be happy to plan a diving course with you.

When he's not diving, Tim loves to spend time with his wife on their boat or watching their grandchildren play baseball.




SSI, PADI, SDI Instructor

Marc has been with Dive & Glide Scuba as an instructor for several years.  Presently, he is an SSI, PADI, and SDI instructor.  He's looking forward to completing his NAUI instructor crossover soon, making him qualified to back up any one of our other instructors if needed in a pinch.  As if that's not impressive enough, Marc is also bi-lingual, so if you need a Spanish-speaking instructor, Marc is the man.

In addition to teaching, Marc works with divemaster, Chris Schelb, to facilitate Dive & Glide Scuba's monthly Mid-Michigan Dive Adventures Club meetings.  During the summer months, he works as a divemaster on Double Action Dive Charter's boat the GoBetween diving the Great Lakes shipwrecks out of Port Sanilac.

Marc's diving adventures have taken him to many places to dive in warm and cold water including California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, and Ireland.  He is always willing to have a chat about anything dive-related, be it training, equipment, or dive sites.  He assists at almost every Dive & Glide Scuba event held in Michigan and is now assisting Angie in planning dive trips to California, Florida, and other state-side locations.

When not diving, Marc enjoys woodworking and spending time with his wife and children.




PADI & SSI Instructor, and Service Technician

Jacob joined Dive & Glide right out of high school as a sales associate and has since worked his way through divemaster and instructor courses.  He's been a PADI instructor since 2020, and shortly thereafter, became an SSI instructor as well.  If you need first aid or CPR classes, he teaches those courses too.

During the summer months, when not diving with Dive & Glide Scuba, Jacob can be found on the GoBetween, one of Double Action Dive Charter's boats, providing divemaster services for shipwreck diving out of Port Sanillac.

Although he's the youngest member of our team, he's a wealth of scuba knowledge because he chose to pursue diving at a very young age.  So whether you're ready to start your first dive course, you want to work on some diving specialties, or you're ready for a drysuit course, Jacob would be happy to train you as a PADI or SSI diver.




NAUI Divemasters

Kris and Matt Spence brought their sons to Dive & Glide Scuba in 2008 to complete their Junior Scuba Diver certifications when their youngest son turned 10.  Shortly thereafter, Kris & Matt completed their Advanced Open Water Diver certifications.  From there they continued training until they had both obtained their NAUI Divemaster certifications.  They frequently assist at Dive & Glide Scuba classes and events and love introducing new people to the sport.

Scuba diving is a family activity for Kris, Matt, and their sons.  Although both children are adults now, the family plans at least one dive trip together yearly, usually to a tropical location.

As they love to travel, Kris and Matt accompany Keith on group dive trips often.  They've visited Bonaire, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, Roatan, and Belize with Dive & Glide Scuba.  In fact, to some locales, they've been with us twice!  We love it when Kris is with us because she's an amazing underwater photographer and returns from every trip with brilliant photos.

When not diving, Kristine Spence, DO (Obstetrics & Gynecology) enjoys her job in Saginaw.  Matt, now retired from the family construction business, spends his days any way he chooses, and we're grateful that includes stopping in to help us out with classes and projects.  They're also the proud owners of a beautiful 4-pack of fur kids (Alaskan Malamutes) we've had the privilege to meet when they've hosted after-dive-trip dinners in their home.




PADI Divemaster

Chris visited Dive & Glide Scuba to enroll his son in scuba classes and at the same time renewed his PADI Divemaster certification.  His wife is also a certified scuba diver and his family enjoys Michigan diving as well as visiting tropical dive resorts.

You'll find Chris at the pool introducing new people to diving or at the lake assisting instructors with divers finishing their certifications.  In addition to the assistance Chris provides in water, he also works with Marc Ellis to coordinate events and activities for Dive & Glide Scuba's dive club, Mid-Michigan Dive Adventure Club.

Chris joined the Dive & Glide Scuba Team to encourage more local divers to get out and use their dive gear more often.  If you're looking for a dive buddy, give us a call to get in contact with Chris.  He'd be happy to join you!





SDI Divemaster, and Boat Captain

David serves as a divemaster at Dive & Glide Scuba, mostly assisting instructor, Tim Burch, with classes and dives at Gilboa Quarry.  He's an avid cave and side mount diver, and boat captain as well.  During the summer months, he captains Double Action Diver Charter's boat, the GoBetween out of Port Sanilac taking divers to view the Great Lakes shipwrecks.

His love of travel has taken him to many places around the world with his wife, Jan, to adventure and explore.  Whenever there's an opportunity, David's in the water diving cenotes, exploring caves, descending upon Great Lakes shipwrecks, and enjoying the tropical waters too.

Besides diving and traveling, David enjoys boating, gardening, and spending time with his wife and friends.