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Ask Us About DG Doubloons! 5% Cash Back Credit on Every Purchase!

  • NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver

NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver

Improve your diving skills and learn more about NAUI Specialty Diving Certifications.

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NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver

Enroll in our NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver Course to explore new dive sites and undertake exclusive activities under the supervision of one of our NAUI Instructors. Learn about specialties and diving activities of interest to you while developing your confidence and skill as a diver exploring our underwater world.

During training, you'll complete a minimum of six open-water dives, including three separate dives for navigation, night or low visibility diving, and deep diving (130 feet/40 meters of maximum depth), plus three additional dives based on your individual preferences and available options.

Possible activities include:

  • Search and recovery
  • Boat diving
  • Light salvage
  • Hunting and collecting
  • Exploration and underwater mapping
  • Wreck diving (non-penetration)
  • Observation and data collecting
  • Diving in surf or currents
  • Altitude diving
  • Salt Water diving (in areas where most diving is in fresh water)
  • Fresh water diving (in areas where most diving is in salt water)
  • Shore diving
  • Diving for photos and videos
  • Using dive computers


For student safety and enjoyment, our course size is limited to 6 students.  Certified Open Water Divers ages 10+ are invited to attend.

Registration forms and waivers must be completed to participate.  You may complete these forms here online:  STUDENT PARTICIPATION FORMS

All students need their own eLearning account and dive gear for training.  Additional fees for eLearning apply ($99). eLearning fees will be billed to students upon approved registration in the program which includes a review of enrollment records, previous dive certification, and confirmed medical clearance to dive.

If you do not have your own gear, your instructor will assist you in choosing the proper gear for your training and future diving adventures during your first class session.  You will earn 5% cash back credit on account (DG Doubloons Loyalty Program) with each course, gear, rental, and service purchase made at Dive & Glide Scuba!

NOTE: CHARTER FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN COURSE FEES.  If any training dives (boat diving, wreck diving) require the services of a charter operator, additional fees will apply.

ADVANCED REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED at least one week prior to the first class date.  Medical forms and waivers must be completed prior to participation.  Based on the answers you provide on your medical information form, you may be required to obtain physician approval to dive.


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