Our Customers ~ Our Friends


"Our family has known Keith and Angie since 2002. My husband and I have purchased all our equipment from Dive & Glide for ourselves and our children. I certified as a Basic and Advanced Diver under Keith as did my two adult children. We have always found Keith, Angie, and the staff at Dive & Glide to be professional, customer-focused, reliable, experienced, and accessible. They cater to divers of all ages and skills - always going above and beyond to ensure everyone’s training and diving experience is interesting and safe! They also stay abreast of new technology by offering new products that may be of interest while ensuring our equipment is serviced and maintained. Dive & Glide is differentiated by its instructor-led, education-based diving operations and fun-filled group trips. We have been on numerous dives with Keith as part of two week-long Dive & Glide-organized trips to Grand Cayman and Bonaire. Angie arranged and coordinated all our flights and ground transportation with the local resorts. This made for an enjoyable, stress-free vacation!  We’ve always had top-notch products and services from them! Based on our experience with their products and services, we feel that Dive & Glide is one of the best dive shops in Michigan!"  ~ Barry & Marabeth Holsinger


"Everyone is extremely helpful and nice and the store looks great inside and out. They have a wide range of products to choose from and are there to help decide what the best option is. They truly care about you getting what you need to have an amazing time underwater. The course, pool time, and open water were all fun as well as interactive. Keith and Angie are both amazing and extremely helpful.  If you ever need anything, they are right there to help. Dive & Glide is the go-to place for anything and everything scuba.  ~ Isaac Ciaciuch


"My daughters were both certified by Keith at Dive & Glide when they were 10 years old. My entire family, sister, dad, brother, and his family, all use Dive & Glide services. We have a whole family, 3 generations, that the store handles when we visit the shop a couple of times a year for gear service.”  ~ Karl Ieuter


"Nothing but good times, good experiences! I would sign up for classes today, you will not be disappointed!"  ~ David Smith


"My 15 year old son and I finished our pool sessions for the SSI course. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. Equipment was in great shape and plenty of options to try. Our instructor was very flexible with making up classes due to illness. Looking forward to open dives with this group."  ~ Joe Rubino


"Extremely knowledgeable and friendly!"  ~ Steve Masich, Fire Chief


"More than ‘just a dive shop’!  My son was 10 years old when he begged and hounded me to let him take scuba diving lessons. Within a few short weeks, he was open water certified. I adore every staff member and instructor here. They willingly, without hesitation, took my son under their wings and quickly made him (and all of us non-divers too) feel like a part of the diving family. My husband and I can completely trust him in their care underwater and we can rely on Dive & Glide to keep his equipment up-to-date while offering very competitive prices. They plan and host wonderful events for kids-only, adults-only, and also family events as well. They are professional, knowledgeable, and so, so great with kids! They are also a complete travel agency that can book fantastic, affordable adventures for even non-divers. Such an awesome shop!"  ~ Julie Moon


"Dive & Glide has been our go-to spot for all things travel!  We started with Scuba classes. Keith is a great teacher. After being certified, we have joined the dive team for some inland lake dives in Michigan. We look forward to having the opportunity to do some shipwreck dives in the Great Lakes and also travel to some exotic locations too. They make it easy by bundling your travel expenses with your dive excursions. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. They know their stuff. I recommend them to all of my family and friends."  ~ Elizabeth Olney


"Awesome dive shop. Very friendly and accommodating with great deals on equipment and services. I live 100 miles away and still choose Dive and Glide for my diving needs!!"  ~ Jim Skower


"The Dive & Glide family was so helpful and knowledgeable!  Everything was so personal and we felt like we were talking with friends who happened to own a dive shop.  Great instructor (Keith) and great team at the shop!  It was everything we could have hoped for getting certified and buying equipment!"  ~ Dani Makinen


"Keith really went out of his way to teach this old dog new tricks. On behalf of the rest of the Yoopers thank you for having classes in the UP!"  ~ Stephanie Jones


"Awesome store and staff. Keith is great with kids in the pool, and adults. Would highly recommend Drive & Glide Scuba to get certified to dive or looking to buy new equipment!!  ~ Debra Fix


"Great store!  Very knowledgeable and willing to help.  Instructors are great and good selection of gear."  ~ Patrick Kuczkowski


"Excellent dive shop. I would recommend Dive & Glide to anyone. Keith is an excellent instructor, he makes the training non-stressful. The dive shop staff are great as well. They made buying all of my equipment and getting signed up for classes easy. I look forward to continuing my education and diving with them in the future."  ~ Corey David


"Amazing place to do business with! Super friendly awesome teacher! Easiest place and friendliest people I've ever dealt with. Would recommend over and over. I definitely will be getting more training at Dive & Glide!"  ~ Anthony James


"Thanks Dive & Glide!  You are awesome!  If you want to learn to dive this is the place to go!  They go out of their way to accommodate you. The Scout Troop 328 in Marlette thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for the great class and looks forward to seeing you and diving with you often.  ~ Joe Abbott


"I was really apprehensive about scuba diving but decided to do it because of my two girlfriends who recently certified. We travel all over the place and love the water and underwater world. Keith is unbelievable!!! He really worked with me on things I felt I struggled with. Now I'm doing my open water certification, and going scuba diving in Costa Rica in my girlfriends. Thank you, Keith!"  ~ Joan Mccarthy


"Keith and Angie are wonderful to work with. Dive and Glide is always doing something to keep divers up-to-date and ready to go on trips. Teaching is flexible, online, and in the pool. Their sponsored trips have been a great way to meet people and experience beautiful diving out of the States. Come join the fun!"  ~ Kris


"Had a blast diving down in Ohio. Need to do some more. First-class operation!"  ~ James Finney


"My scuba class was a lot of fun in Marquette, MI. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!!!!! I would recommend this place to everyone!!!"  ~ David Miller


"The staff of Dive & Glide always come through. I have been halfway around the world and had issues at operations and I can always count on them to help out support my diving journey."  ~ Walter Huszar